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It is not easy for NDA to achieve the majority figure: Prof. Singh.

General Election 2024

Cine Aajkal/Cihect Media--

Dr. Samrendra Pathak

Senior journalist.

New Delhi, April 21, 2024. Dr. Shashi Shekhar Prasad Singh, a prominent socialist and professor of Delhi University, has said that the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) will not be able to achieve the majority figure in this Lok Sabha election.

Dr. Singh, who was active in the JP movement, made this claim during an interview after the end of voting on 102 seats in the first phase. He said that the huge decline in voting percentage has made it clear that people is no inclination towards elections. He said that this decline, especially in the Hindi belt, indicates that people are very unhappy with the functioning of the government.

Dr. Singh, son of a fierce freedom fighter from Bihar, said that anyway BJP and NDA have nothing in South India. They are nowhere in the North-East except Assam. In the central part i.e. Hindi heartland, they were effective in the years 2014 and 2019. But this time they have tough competition in these areas too. Then I am not able to understand from where they will get the majority figure of 272. This time the slogan of crossing 400 will remain just a slogan.

In response to a question, Dr. Singh said, what happened after the abolition of Article 370 in Kashmir? Now it has become a Union Territory. There is no Legislative Assembly there. The rights of the citizens have been limited. This is an example of prejudice against minorities. Post-majority politics is being done by targeting a particular class. Religion and politics are two different things, but by combining them, the neutral nature of the Constitution is being destroyed.

He said that the construction of Ram temple is no longer an issue. BJP wants to keep it alive under majority appeasement. Today's problem is rising inflation and unemployment. People are troubled by this. The economy has been ruined in this regime. Farmers are marginalized in this agricultural nation. They have been fighting for their rights for a year, but their views have been ignored.


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