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About the Cihect

CIHECT is a forming organ and a Social Institution. This is working for social justice, Women, Child Welfare, Culture awareness, Educational & Social Development and also aptitude of legal, awareness along with social reforms by preventing the social evils and criminal activities.

Social Activities-

  • To create a sense of brotherhood.

  • Co-operation and mutual harmony for love, affection and goodwill amongst society general public.

  • To Promote cause of National Integration and unity of india .

  • To Provide platform with dynamic idea for all around re-construction of nation.

  • To take up effective reasonable and lawful steps for the eradication of social evils etc.

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For Woman's

  • Works for woman's education.

  • Lawful step for eradication of Dowery System.

  • Protection of Identify & dignity of woman's from social evil and criminal activities.

  • Prevention of anti social elements & offers against woman's etc.

For Child

  • Work for child education.

  • To help the street children by proving them shelter, food and eduction.

  • Works for eradication of children of child labour & Child Marriage ( Bal Vivah ).

  • Protection of Children form drugs/wine/smokes by social educational awareness.

  • To Protect the childrens from social exploitation etc.

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For Health

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  • To take up effective reasonable and lawful steps for the solution of the problems relating to blind, physically and mentally challenged.

  • To approach and to encourage the people of effected from serious disses & who have faced natural calamities by providing the medicine, medical advise and counselling by arranging training & medical camps. 

  • Organisation of training camps & programs for dumps , deafs & other disables persons .

  •  To create a foram for senior citizens for their help who are suffering from old age ailments.

  • To arrange & organise Eye & Blood donation camps etc.

  • To open centres / institutions for diagnostic curative and research of Cancer, AIDS, T.B etc

Legal Activities 

  • To Protect fundament rights of every person under the provisions of Law.

  • To work of promotion and defusion of lawful knowledge and advancement of philosophy.

  • To render services to woman, children and youth of the country for their actual, moral, social & legal rights.

  • To educate the people and organise various kinds of awareness programs / activities regarding protection of Law & rights of the public in this connection.

  • To provide Legal counselling facilities for family problems.

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