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Congress leader's allegation of ignoring journalists unrestrained.


Cine Aajkal New Delhi, 12 Nov, 2022: Various journalist organizations have termed the allegation of neglect by former Congress President Rahul Gandhi on journalists as unwarranted.

Coordinator of the Joint Forum of Journalist's Association Dr Samrendra Pathak, President of the SAARC Journalist Forum Sushil Bharti, President of the United Indian Journalists Association Umendra Dadhich, President of the Periodical Press of India,Dr.Surendra Sharma, President of Indian Journalists Association. Ram Nath Vidrohi and convener of Save UNI Movement Dr R.K. Raman expressed this objection in a statement issued . Mr. Gandhi had accused journalists in Maharashtra for ignoring the coverage during his visit.

The organizations have said that in the interest of the people of the country, journalists have played an important role since the beginning and this campaign continues even today with a free and fair spirit.

It will be a misfortune if they compare the loyalty of journalists revolving around 10 per cent of power to that of 90 per cent true journalists, they said.

The leaders have said that the reality is that the Congress leaders maintain an impression about 90 percent of those journalists from those 10 percent journalists, then all the blame lies on their media management and sycophantic leaders, who keep them away from the ground reality.

The leaders reminded that Pandit Nehru had set up the independent agency UNI to deal with such a situation, which was ended by Congress leaders. Journalists associated with this staged a sit-in at the door of UAPA chief Smt. Sonia Gandhi on March 2, 2014. Warnings were also given for this, but no initiative was taken.

During the eight years of BJP's rule, the main opposition Congress, instead of those 90 percent impartial journalists, appeared to be standing behind a few chosen ones who were included in 10 percent. What to expect in such a situation, said leaders.

The leaders have also said, the Congress itself is responsible for such a situation. It should see what they have done for 90 percent of the journalists? How many people have been sent to Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and Legislatures? But those 10 percent You have given this opportunity to your loved ones involved. They said that an example of this was Congress made a journalist from Madhya Pradesh a mega scam of thousands of crores of rupees, made a Rajya Sabha MP and later made his scribe as Lok Sabha candidate from Bihar. Congress should take account of those obliged.

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