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People in trouble due to lack of drainage in Seelampur.

New Delhi, 6 January 2023 (Agency). The life of the local people has become difficult due to non-management of drainage in CPJ block of Seelampur, East Delhi.

According to the local people, several requests were made to the MCD for this, but this work is pending since years. Due to this, nobody wants to marry people living in this area. Such women have complained.

Dwarka Devi, Mankatidevi, Roopwati, Radha, Seema, Shiv Prasad & Rohit living in this block, told that due to lack of drains on the side of the road for about one and a half kilometers in this area, water flows on the roads & get them submerged.

Councilor of this ward, Begum Shakila and AAP leader Haji Afzal have told that for this several requests have been made to the officials of the Corporation, but due to non-completion of this work, the problems of the people have become serious. They have demanded the Corporation to complete the work immediately. L.S

Cine Aajkal New Delhi special Report By Sultan S. Qureshi

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